Lynuck Lady Dai

  • Born in 2016
  • 14.2 Hands

A real diva. Very kind natured filly with a weak point to explore the world.

Lynuck Lady Dai

In the summer of 2018, we visited Dai and Sian from Pennal Stud, Wales.

After a good mug of tea and a chat, we had to see their lovely cobs. We were looking forward to see Gwenllan Brynmor, Pennal Brynmor and the older mares once again.

In one of the fields, a bunch of youngsters grazed. Out of the herd, a beautiful filly looked up at us. I told Dai that he had finally seen the light in the breed with such a head. Dai has always said, that for him it isn’t important with pretty heads, where with us, it is almost a must have.

Dai said the mare was called Lynuck Lady Dai. He had loaned Pennal Welsh Guard to a friend who had him for the ridden job, but after the season of showing, she wanted to turn him out and he wouldn’t settle on his own.

One of Dai’s friends had an 18-year-old mare for sale who had not been able to breed for years, he bought it for the purpose of holding Welsh Guard company.

Dai and his friend agreed that if the mare by any chance get in foal, then the foal would belong to Dai and Sian. In late summer 2016 a filly was born and she was given the name ‘Lady Dai’ due to the circumstances.

Dai told us that he is cutting back on the herd, so if we were interested in her we could have her. We had just bought Abergavenny Ionwen, but we were very tempted to buy Lady Dai as well. It took us about half a year before we grabbed the phone to hear if she was still with Dai and Sian. Lucky for us she was and they were still happy to sell her to us.

Lady Dai is with us called Diva, a name that really suits her. She is sired by Pennal Welsh Guard and out of a mare called Rhydypandy Gwawr who is by Wishaw Revelation.

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