Adlais Gwladys Fach

  • Born 23 May 2020

Sold to Stig Larsen – Denmark 

Where you also a fan of Coppathorne Amazing Grace who was sold last autumn and dream about a foal out of her, then you still have a chance as we have decided to sell her filly foal Adlais Gwladys Fach. 
Gwladys is an impressive foal with four pure black legs and a perfect placed blaze.

She is by the stallion Abergavenny Gethin who is a loaf of a stallion, Gwladys was born with massive legs and we belive she is going to be a loaf herself. 

Her dam Grace is a velproportioned mare with a fantastic temperement for which she has been good to pass on to her ofspring. 

Are you looking for a filly which probably will make a great broodmare or looking for a perfect ridden prospekteller kørehest, then look no further. 


Will appear soon. 
Sire: Abergavenny Gethin 
Dam: Coppathorne Amazing Grace 
Damsire: Danaway Tango