We have a small, but serious stud, where we aim to get more awareness of the Welsh Cob.

Through the years we given serious thought to which type of cob, we want to breed and what we expect of our animals. In our breeding, we use proven and strong sire lines and especially want to have strong dam lines to be the foundation of our young-stock and future broodmares.
Our goal is to breed animals, which are an improvement of the Welsh Cobs in Denmark.

In 2018 the Danish Welsh Pony and Cob society honored as Best breeders of the year.

It is important to us to continue to have high level of service, as well as a good reputation.

As an upcoming owner of an Adlais cob we can offer prime quality foals and youngstock, who has grown up under exellent contitions and has recieved the best preparations to be the best friend for you.


Our stud got the name Adlais in 2008, when we registered our first foal ‘Adlais First Edition’. Adlais means echo in the Welsh language.

It is our ambition that our name will go like an echo from mouth to mouth, through happy owners of Adlais Welsh Cobs.

Though many reading our name think it is difficult, Adlais is actually quite easy to pronounce, as it is pronounced as Atlas (a map of the earth) just with i in between a and s of course.

Like many others, our breeding started in the small. Our first mare was Pennal True Love, who Ninett fell in love with as a foal back in 2004. True Love was a very smart mare with a great talent for dressage. True Love won many hearts on her way, but most important she won the heart of Ninett’s husband, Michael. Before True Love Michael had no interest in horses, so this change of heart was a very important step for us to expand our stud. Michael has taken a keen interest in the breeding ever ever since.

Since 2004 we have bought more cobs for the stud. Some has left us as well, either because they were leased for a period, they had given us a foal to retain or if they couldn’t live up for our high standards.

We have cobs of the old-fashioned Cardigan type, but we also like cobs whose type are in between the cardigan cob and the lighter English cob. Typically the height of our cobs range from 14.1 to 14.3 hands.

We like our cobs to have a touch of pony with a good front and a good depth of body.


In 2013 we bought our new farm, which resides in the village of Allindelille, near Ringsted.

The stable of the farm had previously been used for cattle and pigs. The roof was very low and the windows pretty small.

The first project was making a nice stable for our cobs. As soon as we received the keys we started building. It was a long and hard project, which costs sweat, tears and a lot of frustrations as there was a lot of issues, we had never thought should be taken into consideration. But we managed and in the late autumn of 2013 the stable was ready for our cobs.

Adlais now have a stable with plenty of light and nice height to the ceiling. Our cobs has got rubber mats to stand on when they are stabled in their 13 x 13 feet boxes. The light above them can be dimmed for the foaling season and we have 3 cameras to monitor them.

We water them in the old manner, with buckets, as it’s always good to know how much they consume. The stable floor to groom and wash is 13 feet wide.

We are very happy and pleased with our stable and the facilities in it.

The outside surroundings are great, we have about 12-13 acres of grass fields, with a sandfield for wintertime. For riding we have a massive forest as our neighbour, with several good paths.