Adlais Alt for damerne

Sold to Mie Buchhave Pedersen – Denmark

Adlais føl

Trevallion Amber is our old broodmare, who’s pedigree contains all the good old bloodlines which very rarely available today, which makes Alt for damernes pedigree unique. He is by Balnecroft Xander.

Adlais Alt for damerne – means Adlais all for the ladies. he has got four stockings and a white marking above left stocking on his hindleg. He has got a large white spot on his chest, which you can see on both of the sides of him. He has got a broard blaze, with a larger spot on his upper lip and he is white under his chin. 

He is smoky black and will be available for mares at stud when he turns 2 and as a 3-year-old. 

Coat colour genetics

Adlais Alt for damerne is colourtested Ee aa nCr
He is black, carrier of red/chestnut and has got a cremegene, which makes him smoky creme. 


Stamtavle Alt for damerne