Adlais Groovy baby


Sold to Victoria Pommer – Denmark

Adlais Groovy Baby | welsh cob føl 2023 | welsh | føl

A propper lad

Groovy is a very typie ponyfoal, with a pretty head and a leg in each corner. He is a lad with a big L, very confident and not laid back in any way, he want’s to conquer the world.

Groovy walks his own way, he has already got his own opinion about things and rarely takes disturbances seriously. We’ve got our hands full with him here, because he’s really self-confident, curious and trusting, which gives room for many laughs and amazement of his brave nature.


Groovy is bay with a star and snip. He has got three lower socks.

He isn’t colour tested, but will for sure be:

E ?  A ? 


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