Adlais Lady Marigold

Adlais Lady Marigold | palomino | hoppe | welsh | welsh cob

At last it was time for us to receive a filly out of Abergavenny Countess. Since we sold Countess firstborn filly Adlais Lady Sybil in 2017, we have been waiting patiently for a filly to retain at stud and here she is. Our little carrot-colored girl is palomino, with four stockings and a nice even blaze. She has got a spot under her chin and we will test her for the sabino-gene. 

She definitely is a girl with an opinion and she express her thoughts with her face, nostrils and ears. We are sure that this lady is going to be a handful as she thinks that the world turns around of her and not everyone else. She will be the first to meet you in the field and she will be that last to say ‘see you later’ when you leave. 

Coat colour genetics

Adlais Lady Marigold is ee aa nCr 
Palomino not carrier of bay. 


stamtavle Adlais Lady Marigold