Adlais Llelo Tanllyd

Sold to Marijn Van Velzen – Denmark

Adlais Llelo Tanllyd

Meet Llelo our first try with the mix of Adlais sir. Toby and Coppathorne Amazing Grace and what a cute coltfoal. He has got a star, snip and a marking on his lower lib. He is chestnut and we are waiting to see the colour of his mane. He has go three socks.

We are thrilled about Llelo is a handsome baby boy. As his half sister Tegwen he was not 5 mins. old before he stood on his four legs. He quickly found the milkbar and he soon jumped around like he had done nothing else in his mothers tummy.

Therefore we had to name him Llelo Tanllyd. Llelo is a welsh boys name and Tanllyd is welsh for firery.