Adlais Marshmallow fluff

Adlais Marshmallow Fluff

Adlais Marshmallow Fluff is son of the cremellostallion Balnecroft Xander and out of our buckskin broodmare Adlais Queen of Custard.

His colour is smoky cream,  which means that his basecolour is black.  While Fluff having two cremegenes is also called a double dilution, which fades his basecolour.  

Fluff is a massive-boned foal with four whites and a blaze. He was gelded in the end of september 2023. 

Easy in very way. 

Please contact us for further pictures.  

Coat colour genetics

Adlais Marshmallow Fluff is Ee aa CrCr which means that he is smoky cream.


47.000 DKK 


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