Adlais Miss Sophie

Has never been offered for sale – dead. 

Adlais miss sophie

Adlais Miss Sophie was daughter of dam Pennal True Love and sire Merlyn Welsh Calibra.  

We hoped Miss. Sophie could have been our upcoming broodmare, we were really well developed as a youngster and she moved herself well. But when she came towards her 2-year-old birthday, her back disappeared under her, she went dippy backed. Sadly, as a 3-year-old it had not improved and we decided to put her to sleep. 

Sophie was a very kind and trusting filly, we were so sorry to lose her. 

After our loss, we were called up by the butcher, saying that two of her bones in her back had grown together, she would never have been a riding cob. 

Even though it’s hard sometimes, we see our self as a responsible stud, not to breed from animals who will not suit for improving the breed, nor will we sell cobs for the benefit of our own. It’s never a punishment to be put down to sleep.

Sophie was shows as a foal at Roskilde Agricultural show and she was shown as a yearling at Mountain and Moorland Christmas show where she had 41 points out of 50 possible, and was placed as 3th out of 5.