Adlais Paia Belle Helene

Sold to Stig Larsen – Denmark


Paia Belle Helene

Adlais Paia Belle Helene is Adlais Queen of Custards third foal. She is the first cross between the stallion Trevallion Evoque and what a wonderful piece of pony-girl she is. The name Paia Belle Helene is comming from the dessert Pears Belle Helene. The observant Adlais-fan already knows that all foals out of Queen of Custard are having dessert or cake names. Queen has upto now had three foals, Adlais Sticky Toffee and Adlais Rum & Raisin who are fullbrothers as they both are by Abergvenny Gethin.

Paia was a long waited filly, we have had several askings for fillys this year, which means that she was already sold, before her hoves touched the stablefloor. Stig Larsen bought Paia, he was first in the que as he lost his foal Adlais Gwladys Fach one week before being weaned from her mum in 2020.

Paia is born with four white socks and a large star. She is almost a copy of her dam, but has got the best from both parents, with a good body and mass and a feminine and short head with large nostrils.

She is confident, nosey but and very sensible.  The expeirience with being lead, tied and lifting hoves are already something she is used to as well as being scratched on her bum, asking for more.

The plan is for her to pull a cart when she is old enough.


Stamtavle engelsk Paia